It's "Backwards Day." My last post featured some final pages before the addition of watercolor. Today– some roughs...
Watercolor to come...
A penciled and inked page. Watercolor to come...eventually. Text rewritten 20 times– still not set in stone. (Will it ever be?)
I'm not going to post anything more this summer but think these 2 panels from my new book are appropriate for this election cycle.
Keep cool and pray for rain.

(The spelling errors ar intentional.)
Now to start on inking page 28. Can't forget the word balloons...and a long way from water color.
PS- It'll  make sense when it's all done.
I realized I'm averaging 5 pages of drawings a month for my new book. And @ 6 drawings a page, that makes 30 drawings in 30 days... Should have been a mathematician.
Went  to visit the Chadds Ford Museum and wound up on the very first tour of Andrew Wyeth's studio. Also visited the NC Wyeth home and studio. It was an inspiring day.
When I got home later, I had 2 emails waiting for me. One from my agent– that my graphic memoir, Mendel's Daughter was being picked up by a Polish publisher (pub date early next year) and another about having some textbook illustrations I completed years ago being reprinted. (More money, yay.)

Here are the French and Spanish covers. I wonder what the Polish one will look like.
Here are 2 random pages from the book I'm working on. Text is done. Dialog done. Want to get a few more pages in before I start the coloring.
Here's a sample of how I construct a panel for a comic. I don't recommend it– but it works for me. The art begins life in pencil and watercolor. Then I scan the pieces into Photoshop. (The layer mask option is very helpful.) I use Illustrator for word balloons, technical stuff and, in this case, the cancellation on the stamp.