It has been over a year since I put paintbrush to paper (and Photoshop pen to tablet) and am really enjoying it.
This is the opening page of the second section (of 3) of my book. (As with most of the work posted, I need to add color.)
Drawing will halt for a bit as I review the text of this part. I haven't reviewed the writing in 8 months so I expect it will look new to me. I hope it isn't too awful.
I recommend avoiding any Cliffs in your way. Guaranteed, there's always another path.
Thanks go to Mrs. Marta Cabeza for inviting me to speak at Pembrooke Pines on Friday. Looking forward to meeting her and her students. (They are reading Mendel's Daughter in English Honors class.) Here's the article about my visit posted on the school's website– I love the photo of a worn copy of the book!
Hmmm,.. Should I vote for that Socialist, Nigerian, Muslim, Indonesian, Radical who saved us from a Depression, or that Saintly Guy who so believes in Change that he changes his opinion weekly?  Granted he is sure there is no Global Warming. Shake that Etch-A- Sketch, Mitt!
Don't let the Republicans tell you there is no Global Warming. Polar Bears are mating with Black Bears. The Polar ice is melting at an unprecedented rate.
We're getting "Sandy." (Isn't Florida supposed to get this mess?)