As I move to roughing out the final section (I hope!) I went back and redrew parts of page 38. I guess I'm scared to begin Part 7.
Continuing on with roughs, but couldn't help but go back to some earlier pages to change fonts. Less readable but more authentic, I think...
Here's a page that isn't in any of my original scripts. It just came from somewhere last week...
The mind is a curious thing.

I thought this page (a rough) is appropriate for the crazy times we live in.
It's been a while since I've posted. I do have an excuse, though– I've been writing and drawing.
Below are pages 91 and 92, almost halfway. I've removed the text because that keeps changing. I like the chapter head title on p. 91, but, eh, that will probably change next week.

Actually the top one I roughed out yesterday...
Just found out that I was indeed included in Comics Sketchbooks, a book of comic artists edited by Steven Heller. Crumb, Katchor, Panter, Deitch, Chwast, Griffith are some of the other artists included. Wow! 
The book has  been out for a while but I've been living in another universe– hunkered in my bunker drawing and writing.

The I'll be ready for the test. (I hope.)
Change of pace last week. Spoke to an 8th grade class of St. John Vianney Regional School at the Tolerance Program hosted by the Institute for Jewish Christian Understanding at Muhlenberg College. Also went down memory lane– showed work and spoke at Kutztown Elementary School and Greenwich Elementary School. Great kids– interested and motivated. Enjoyed being a teacher for that little bit. Now back to my keypad and hopefully some drawing soon!