Just got back from a book signing and presentation at Books and Books in Bal Harbour, Florida. Met some people who knew me when I lived in back of the candy store. "You wouldn't remember. You were too young. Such a cute little boy."
I need to get back to work and complete the last page of "A Trip to the Movies."
But maybe I should stay away longer. Got some really nice reviews from Miami New Times, Seattle PI and a terrific review from the Boston Globe…

“Lemelman’s viewpoint is affectionate but not gauzy…The book tracks the transformation of the neighborhood from a kind of shtetl to one of uneasy racial mix. This is literary territory familiar to fans of Mordecai Richler and Saul Bellow; what Lemelman brings to it is artistry featuring a fine eye for detail, penmanship nuanced but never watery, and a stylistic fearlessness that can stuff pop art tropes, photography, and naturalism onto the same page.”


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