Sometimes getting a letter like this makes it worth working in my basement with only spiders for company.
Dear "Mattaleh"(if I may take the liberty)
I am more than 20- years older than you, but our youth is quite similar. My Russian born father and Polish born mother's first candy store, where we lived in back, was on Sutter
Ave, I think near Elton or Linwood Sts.
Upwardly mobile immigrants as they were, they then bought on Pitkin Ave, near Van Sicklen Ave. This time we lived in various roach infested apts nearby. My neighborhoods being more in East New York, than Brownsville. This geography, in no way diminishes how much TWoCentsPlain resonated for me.
I think you captured more than the "plain", but the true flavors of that childhood.
Unfortunately, my father died when I was 9 years old, so I did not know him as you knew yours.But, I have a slight recollection of a similar personality.
So, not to "hack a chinek". Thank you for a bittersweet reminiscence.

Leona (Laileh)


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