Ever since I found out that my preliminary sketches for Two Cents Plain will be included in the upcoming book "Comics Sketchbooks," edited by Steven Heller, I've been thinking about all the changes I've made over the 4 years of working on the book. TCP is a graphic memoir, but as the book took shape, it felt more like a movie, with deleted scenes, alternate takes, new dialog...
In the next few weeks I'll be posting some of those pages .

Consider these pages a DVD  extras. Hope you like 'em.
Deleted page 53
Deleted page 54

01/24/2011 04:11

Memories and our collective consciousness is of the highest value for us as living caring beings. When you invest in your own through the intense time you've spent recording your's through your parents' love for each other and for you, you bless the world and those around you. Thank you for doing that.

01/24/2011 14:16

Hi Joe,
Thanks for the kind words.

10/01/2013 23:38

Great post, thank you.


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